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Snowcoach Trip – January 17

January 18, 2014

I can’t believe our first day is over! All of us got somewhat settled last night and had a great dinner as a group. This morning started extremely early as we all re-packed our stuff and loaded it on a coach to go to Old Faithful.

We met with our tour guide and new friend Lianna. She had no clue what she was in for, traveling with this crazy group of educators.

The group in the snowcoach.

The group in the snowcoach.

We saw many many things over the day. The highlights included a small herd of bison and their calves in the middle of the road that then slowly passed our vehicle on the left, viewing a wolf kill site from a distance, watching a coyote pounce, needle frost on the snow, and a red fox that Maureen spotted.

Overall everybody was taken aback by the various scenery – mountains, meadows, tons of snow, steam from thermal basins, waterfalls, smells of sulfur, dead trees still standing their ground from the 1988 fire and the slow new re-growth in the past 25 years.

We’re excited for what the next day will bring!


Lower Falls, Yellowstone River

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