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Keep it with you…

January 19, 2016

Today we headed back down into Lamar valley to meet with Kira from The Wolf Project of Yellowstone. As we watched the wolves from the Junction Butte pack make their way up the hill, we learned that the wolf pack is very much a family, taking care of, playing with and defending each other.

Continuing on through Lamar valley we spotted a bull moose resting in the willows, bighorn sheep on the side of the hill, a coyote making its way trotting across the field, coyotes under a tree barking and yipping, and a lone golden eagle perched in a tree.

Watching wildlife in Lamar Valley

Watching wildlife in Lamar Valley

Strapping on snowshoes at Lower Barronette Peak, we broke trail through deep snow and headed down by the creek. Fresh tracks! We followed and searched. Out of the deep snow came an ermine! We instantly became giddy children running back through our fresh paths just trying to grab one more glimpse of the curious little weasel. Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.


Our last full day at Yellowstone was packed full of everything we could fit in. It seemed as though each of us was desperate to capture each second, each moment, to hold in our hearts as we come back to our lives in North Carolina. We made one last stop on the way back to the hotel to admire the clear sky and bright moon– so bright that it cast shadows on the snow, and it gave us one more chance to embrace the wildness and the peacefulness we had been experiencing during our time here.

So, even if we only keep 10% of the new things we’ve discovered about ourselves and Yellowstone, I hope we keep a little wildness, a little peace, and wide-open hearts in every moment of our lives.

Kevin snowshoeing

Kevin snowshoeing

Chris, Mark, Megan & Miranda

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  1. ginny byrne permalink
    January 20, 2016 7:10 am

    Safe trip home for all. Your daily journals have been delightful and oh, what you have seen and experienced! Ginny Byrne, Ravenscroft

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