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Meet The Team

Chris Chris Brady
Sparta School
Alleghany County

Hobbies: coaching, tennis, golf
Looking forward to: True winter weather, the nature and adventure of Yellowstone.
Christine Christine Carlson
Intervention Teacher
Lincoln Heights Elementary
Wake County
Hobbies: running, swimming, sewing, reading
Looking forward to: Seeing the landscape of Yellowstone in the winter, bison, moose, owls and the stars at night.
Mark Mark Enfield
Associate Professor
Elon University
Alamance County
Hobbies: photography, home improvement, bicycling
Looking forward to: Learning about the different ways to incorporate these ideas and concepts into teaching. Thinking about how to prepare future elementary teachers to use outdoor experiences in teaching.
MeganF Megan Fussell
1st Grade Teacher
Clement Elementary
Sampson County
Hobbies: hiking, reading, fishing
Looking forward to: I have been to Yellowstone during the summer and I am excited to see Yellowstone covered in a blanket of snow. I look forward to returning for a different yet equally amazing experience.
Sarah Sarah Goodman
Middle School Science Teacher
Providence Day
Mecklenburg County
Hobbies: coaching basketball and softball, playing piano and singing in the faculty choir, hiking, traveling, networ
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to collaborating with other educators about making classroom connections to the Yellowstone winter ecosystem. I also can’t wait to see a lot of snow and beautiful landscapes!
Danny Danny Jones
Alleghany High School
Alleghany County
Hobbies: coaching basketball and soccer, hiking, camping
Looking forward to: Gaining experience applicable to my curriculum. A new experience in regards to a new ecosystem.
Kevin Kevin Lloyd
Science teacher
C.E. Jordan High School
Durham County
Hobbies: singing in Durham’s “Flash Chorus,” playing guitar, reading, camping/hiking
Looking forward to: Wide open vistas and the enormity of the setting, bitter bitter cold (fingers crossed!), bison!
miranda Miranda Dowdy
Curator of Educational Events
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County

Hobbies: crafts, photography, walking my dogs
Looking forward to: I’ve never been to Yellowstone so this will be a brand new experience. I’ve seen lots of beautiful pictures of the wildlife, geology, and landscape – I’m excited to see them in person!
Linda Saah bio pic Linda Saah
Classroom Programming Specialist
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: longtime yoga practitioner; enjoy hiking, walking, and canoeing/kayaking with my family
Looking forward to: Yellowstone has been a long-time favored treasure of mine! I have visited twice, both times being in the summertime month of July – once in ’95 (my husband and I) and again in 2009 with our kids. The family trip was inspired by one of my son’s 2nd grade teachers who taught an elective on Yellowstone after participating in one of the Museum’s Educators of Excellence trips to Yellowstone National Park during her summer break. Now, I am so excited to experience all of the wonders of Yellowstone in winter – from the amazing wildlife and winterscapes to witnessing the juxtaposition of boiling thermals in the midst of snow and ice to being immersed in a truly winter wonderland spectacle!
Linda Linda Tugurian
District Science Specialist
Durham Public Schools
Durham County
Hobbies: I love traveling, writing, and being outdoors. I love it best when I can combine all three. I write a blog,”Adventures of a Brown sign slut,” that documents a quest to visit our national parks.
Looking forward to: I’ve been to Yellowstone twice – most recently last summer. It is a magical place; I cannot wait to experience it in winter!

Museum Staff Leaders

Melissa Melissa Dowland
Coordinator of Teacher Education
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: camping, hiking, kayaking, nature photography, reading
Looking forward to: Reconnecting with my favorite place in the world and with park staff and local friends. Sharing the magic and wonder of Yellowstone in Winter with an amazing group of educators, and inspiring them to connect their lives and their teaching to the natural world.
MeganC Megan Chesser
Teacher Education Specialist
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: hiking, backpacking, gardening, cooking/baking, jogging, biking, crafting
Looking forward to: I look forward to stepping out of the vehicles into air so cold it takes your breath away, and feeling the stickiness of eyelashes trying to freeze together. I can’t wait to watch and witness the wonder on the faces of our educators as they hear the deep, gutteral howl of wolves across the cold expanse of Lamar valley. Our hope is always to build strong connections and stewardship to not only our first national park, but all wild places— local and distant, big or small.


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