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Meet the Team 2014

yiw-007Leah Buckley

1st Grade Teacher
Pinnacle Elementary School
Rutherford County
Hobbies: bike riding, hiking, cooking and reading
Looking forward to: The beauty of Yellowstone during winter as it’s covered in white. I imagine that many of the animals will be hiding, but I look forward to seeing those that brave the cold.

yiw-005Donna Daniels

NC Botanical Garden
Orange County
Hobbies: travel, reading, hiking and other outdoor activities
Looking forward to: Experiencing the beauty and ambience of Yellowstone’s wintry landscape, sharing a winter adventure with other outdoor enthusiasts, snowshoeing for the first time, seeing and learning about the wildlife of Yellowstone.

karen2Karen Davis

8th Grade Science Teacher
Beaufort Middle School
Carteret County
Hobbies: water sports, camping, biking
Looking forward to: Experiencing Yellowstone in Winter and comparing it to summer. Seeing the Grand Tetons, geysers, wildlife, fumaroles. Experiencing the park and nature at its finest in winter.

yiw-010Karen Holshouser

Science Teacher
Bartlett Yancey High School
Caswell County
Hobbies: music (violin and piano), cooking, outdoor activities (hiking, camping, fishing), family time
Looking forward to: Observing the wildlife and beautiful landscape of the park. I’m excited to visit a part of our country I’ve never seen before.

yiw-006Brandi Mathis

Science Teacher
Bartlett Yancey High School
Caswell County
Hobbies: I love to travel, I like to try out new recipes that I find on Pinterest, and I enjoy almost any outdoor activity.
Looking forward to: I love snow! So I am looking forward to seeing the park covered in snow. I am interested in learning about the bacteria that live in the thermal features. I hope to see some wolves again (from a safe distance, of course).

yiw-003Joyce Metger

Elementary Teacher, Kenan Fellow
Moyock Elementary School
Currituck County
Hobbies: gardening, traveling, reading, nature
Looking forward to: Comparison between the different seasons (summer and winter). Viewing and learning more about the fascinating interdependence of species (including human’s role). Old Faithful erupting! Seeing Dan Hartmann again and staying upright in snowshoes!

yiw-008Ina Ponder

4-H, NCSU Cooperative Extension
Buncombe County
Hobbies: Farming, crafts, cooking, traveling
Looking forward to: I am excited about experiencing all the snow and beauty of the winter features. Seeing all of the wildlife! Learning how to snowshoe! Looking forward to sharing the experiences with all my 4-H’ers and students. Hopefully inspiring them to explore national parks and preserve for future generations.

yiw-004Sue Powers

Substitute and Remediation Teacher
Moyock Elementary School
Currituck County
Hobbies: travel, geocaching, nature study
Looking forward to: Exploring the winter wonders- the unique geologic features, the adaptations of wildlife to the harsh weather, the interesting park history and its future plans to preserve and protect its amazing ecology, and conquering the challenge of living in soooo much snow!

yiw-002Maureen Prendergast

6th grade Math and Science Teacher
Pamlico County Middle School
Pamlico County
Hobbies: reading, quilting
Looking forward to: I want to experience EVERYTHING at Yellowstone: the scenery, the landforms, the wildlife, the history… This is nature at its best- I want to immerse myself in it.

yiw-009Joy Shuck

Outdoor School Supervisor, Environmental Educator
US National Whitewater Center
Mecklenburg County
Hobbies: hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, nature photography, riverboarding, wildlife watching
Looking forward to: I cannot wait to experience first-hand how different Yellowstone is in the winter, covered with snow and ice. Frozen waterfalls, thermal features melting the snow, animal tracks in the snow, studying and observing wildlife and just being in one of the most amazing places in the U.S.

Trip Leaders

Melissa DowlandMelissa Dowland

Coordinator of Teacher Education
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: camping, hiking, kayaking, nature photography, reading
Looking forward to: Reconnecting with my favorite place in the world and with park staff and local friends. Sharing the magic and wonder of Yellowstone in Winter with an amazing group of educators, and inspiring them to connect their lives and their teaching to the natural world.

croppedmeMegan Chesser

Curator of Teacher Education
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: nature exploration, hiking, camping, jogging, gardening, cooking/baking, arts and crafts
Looking forward to: Yellowstone has been at the top of my list of places to visit for as long as I can remember. I am SO excited to finally have the opportunity to visit and to be there with such a wonderful group of educators. I can’t wait for the cold, fresh air and the sparkling, historic scenery to take my breath away. We look forward to learning so much and gaining a new and deep appreciation for our first national park and its connections to North Carolina!

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