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Meet the Team 2013

Meghan BakerMeghan Baker

Extension Agent, Agriculture
NC Cooperative Extension
Buncombe County
Hobbies: hiking, running, gardening, developing naturalist skills, traveling
Looking forward to: The profound silence of the park in the off-season, the howling of wolves, observing the adaptations of animals to the winter compared to my summer experience, and deepening my connection to the Yellowstone National Park environment.

YIW people 2013-3Betsy Bermudez

Kindergarten Teacher
Hilburn Academy
Wake County
quilting, gardening, hiking, sailing, photography
Looking forward to: I would like to experience Yellowstone in a very different season. I hope to learn more about the animals and how they adapted to the harsh winter environment of Wyoming. The contrast of the rich colorful summer scenes of my memory with the black, white and grays of winter in Yellowstone will be amazing.

YIW people 2013-11Bethany Fleener

Instructional Resource Teacher, K-5
Wiley Elementary School
Wake County
Hobbies: reading, travel, gardening, couponing
Looking forward to: The natural beauty of Yellowstone, the geysers, and animals. I can’t wait for this experience!

YIW people 2013-9Donna Frider

Preschool Special Education Teacher
Wake County Public School System
Wake County
Hobbies: kayaking, hiking, gourd art and exploring our world
Looking forward to: The grand views blanketed in snow, the variety and abundance of wildlife, learning about the geographical features, and the night sky.

YIW people 2013-6Dianne O. Jones

1st Grade Teacher
Wiley Elementary School
Wake County
Hobbies: reading, drawing and painting, biking and zumba
Looking forward to: Experiencing the wonderful majesty of familiar places of Yellowstone in winter and witnessing animals as they survive in the cold and frozen environment. I’m so excited to be with such special leaders.

YIW people 2013-10Jessica A. Kellermann

Elementary Exceptional Children’s Teacher
Rockfish Hoke Elementary School
Hoke County
Hobbies: running, biking, anything outdoors, reading, church, teaching
Looking forward to: I’m eager to conquer the snow, especially since Hoke County frequently closes at the mere THREAT of snow. I am also excited about crossing things off my bucket list: seeing new animals, walking (possibly tripping) in snowshoes, successfully maneuvering a snowmobile, taking in a change of pace and scenery with an incredible group! Most importantly, I can’t wait to share all these memories with a future group of explorers!

YIW people 2013-7Robert Kirby

Biology Teacher
Hendersonville High School
Henderson County
Hobbies: tennis, running, reading, playing the piano, bird and wildlife watching
Looking forward to: Seeing the landscape of Yellowstone covered in snow. Winter is the season of the wolf in Yellowstone. I am hoping to see them as well as elk and bison.

YIW people 2013-8Cindy Lincoln

Nature Instructor
Walnut Creek Wetland Center
Wake County
Hobbies: hiking, camping, biking, kayaking/canoeing, gardening (esp. with native plants), wildlife watching, journaling
Looking forward to: Incredible landscapes and geology; ‘real’ winter; big skies; learning about wildlife, especially wolves.

YIW people 2013-12Dawn Mak

Preschool Special Education Teacher
Wake County Public School System
Wake County
Hobbies: kayaking, camping, reading, gardening, jewelery design, arts and crafts
Looking forward to: The stillness and tranquility of a winter morning, the star-filled vastness of the night sky, the majestic snow-covered mountains, the foraging wildlife, the frosty and steamy geothermal features and the wide open spaces. Creating memories in this amazing place with friends, both new and old.

YIW people 2013-5Stephen Smith

5th Grade Teacher
Clover Garden School
Alamance County
Hobbies: working in the yard, raising animals, fishing, and doing things with family and friends
Looking forward to: I am excited for everything that I will get to see, from the landscapes and winter scenery to the wildlife. I cannot wait to be able to just take it all in and to enjoy this experience with fellow education and hopefully learn a lot about this amazing place!

Trip Leaders

Mike DunnMike Dunn

Senior Manager of Outreach
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: nature photography, kayaking, woods-watching
Looking forward to: Getting back to my favorite place at my favorite season – the wildlife, the quiet, the beauty, and the friends that help make our trips so special.

Melissa DowlandMelissa Dowland

Teacher Education Specialist
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: camping, hiking, kayaking, nature photography, reading
Looking forward to: Reconnecting with my favorite place in the world and with park staff and local friends. Sharing the magic and wonder of Yellowstone in Winter with an amazing group of educators, and inspiring them to connect their lives and their teaching to the natural world.

Meet the 2012 Team!

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